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Root4 was created to bring together the very best engineers from a variety of fields, to offer a cutting edge research consultancy service.

Our experienced researchers have worked on PhD level research projects and are capable of undertaking tasks covering a range of subject matter.

Some examples of the research work carried out by our staff include:

- Actively controlled driveline technology
- Novel methods of vehicle drag reduction
- Manufacturing efficiency maximisation
- X-ray spectroscopy for space telescopes
- Development of industrial hydraulic presses
- Ultrasonic drilling for Martian exploration

Our structured approach to research topics provides the best route to deliver answers to the hypothetical questions often posed at the start of any research discussions.

At Root4 we are flexible in the way we work with our clients, and can take on either short or longer term contracts. Please contact us to discuss any potential engineering research projects you have in mind.   |  Tel: +44(0)1865 522935  |  Copyright Root4 LLP