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We at Root4 have a variety of different skills and backgrounds, allowing us to offer a comprehensive range of engineering services. Some examples of the services we have to offer are outlined below. If you have a specific requirement which is not listed here, please contact us to discuss your enquiry.

Engineering Research

Research and development projects can take many different forms. Experienced researchers coupled with the project management skills and engineering ability available at Root4 enable us to undertake a variety of cutting edge R&D projects.

Any research projects or challenges we undertake will result in a concise and scientifically justified solution. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

At Root4 we are aware of the importance of good project management, and can provide everything from project planning to complete management of a project and workforce.

All engineering projects carried out by Root4 will be meticulously planned, with timescales carefully allocated to ensure timely completion of the work. This allows us to predict delivery dates accurately, and ensure that we meet them.
Project Management
System Design

Root4 can offer a design service from concept generation through to end product manufacture. Throughout the process we pride ourselves on our integrated engineering working practices, where feedback and Pugh analysis techniques are used to assist the progression of a project.

With the talent available to us, Root4 has the capability to excel at every stage in the design process.


With a range of analytical techniques available we can assess the structural integrity of components or systems, and how they will respond to the loads and life cycles applied to them.

Root4's experienced engineers can analyse static, dynamic & thermal loadings, and design components and systems which will perform in extreme operating environments such as those found in the space industry.

Reverse Engineering

Root4 has the capability to provide a complete reverse engineering service including 3D laser scanning, point cloud generation, surface stitching and 3D solid model generation.

Reverse engineering can be of use in a variety of situations. Examples include converting hand made prototypes into a format for large scale production, or preparation for analysis of existing components for which solid models are unavailable.


Using advanced mathematical models the kinematic behaviour of a system can be analysed and optimised for a set of design requirements. Our measurement equipment also allows us to instrument existing systems to analyse their performance.

Any measured or calculated loadings present can be used as inputs to FE analysis models, to investigate the physical performance of a component under dynamic load conditions.

Kinematics & Dynamics
Electronics Root4 provides an electronic design and analysis service which can be coupled with packaging design to form a complete electronic product design service.

Some of our capabilities include control system design and programming, installation analysis/specification, failure mode analysis, PCB design and manufacture, circuit design, PIC programming, software interface development and wiring loom design and manufacture.

Aerodynamics generally applies to automotive and aeronautical applications, where the main areas of interest include drag reduction, downforce or lift production and internal flows for engine air supply or cooling.

Root4 can undertake all aspects of aerodynamic development from advice to achieve an efficient design, through to wind tunnel testing, results processing, analysis and design modification.


Simulation of engineering systems is rapidly becoming a widely used technique to save development and analysis costs.

Utilising the latest modelling techniques and software packages Root4 can create system simulations to output accurate predictions of system performance. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and the benefits of simulation to your project.

With our expertise in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science, we can assist design and implementation of a variety of mechatronic systems.

Root4 offers complete or partial mechatronic system design, including instrumentation and sensors for environmental inputs, information processing, control system development and mechanical design.
Ergonomics Root4 is experienced in designing components and assemblies to fit and work with the human body.

We are able to draw upon accurate anthropometric data, coupled with the use of state-of-the art 3D human scanning techniques & modelling software to analyse the performance of a design when in use.
Fluid dynamics and thermodynamics have applications throughout the world in a range of different machinery, systems and applications.

Often an accurate prediction of how fluids and gases will flow or propagate through a system can lead to large gains in performance. Using simulations and analytical techniques, or results obtained from a test rig Root4 can provide an insight into how thermofluids will behave in your application.
Engineering Drawing

Using our range of advanced 3D modelling software, any component can be modelled and assembled in 3D or drafted to the relevant standards.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our engineering drawing, with all drafts thoroughly checked to ensure correct fits, tolerances & assembly information. Our engineering drawings will ensure that your assemblies fit correctly, first time.


Root4 has access to a wide range of manufacturing processes, ranging from manual/CNC machining, welding & fabrication, mould making, composite layup and modern rapid prototyping techniques.

With these facilities we are able to offer manufacture of prototypes and small batch production. We can also organise volume manufacture of finalised components if required.

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